Jack, aged 10

Jack has been attending Angels and Demons training with Ian Brown since July 2014. At the age of 9 we were slightly apprehensive at letting our son box with a professional trainer, but knowing how Jack loved to watch WWE Wrestling on the tv we knew that we needed to get him out of the mind-set of this choreographed televised routine and welcome him to the real world of ring fighting. Although we thought this would put Jack completely off the sport it did the complete reverse? Jack has a drive and passion for each lesson he attends with Ian. His hunger for the sport and his determination to be a good boxer at such a young age is mind-blowing.

One year later, 2 and a half stone lighter, six pack appearing and arms with such power and force anyone would duck away from Jack enjoys his hour long sessions twice a week with Ian even more. The skills and discipline he has learnt will, we have no doubt, lead him to boxing in a ring in the future.

Angels and Demons has been the making of Jack and we would recommend anyone who has desire to box to get in touch with Ian Brown without hesitation.

Rebecca, aged 32

After the birth of my second child I wanted to try and get back into shape as soon as possible but the time available for exercise was limited. In order to help motivate me and to maximize the use of the limited time at my disposal I decided to start some training sessions with Ian. That way I knew that whatever time I did manage to give to exercising I would be doing an intense training session. That was a year and a half ago now and I am amazed by the changes to me personally and physically. I had not intended to continue this long but Ian is an amazing trainer who gives constant support, motivation and nutrition advice and knows how to get results.

I started out with some boxing in my routine but was not prepared for the results and enjoyment it would give me. I have always weight trained and done high intensity cardio but the complete body workout I gain from boxing is amazing. I have been thrilled with the results, particularly to some of the areas we ladies often struggle with, being upper arms and abdominals. Without realizing it I was working all areas but these are now my favorite parts of my body. I now box 90 percent of the time through choice, plus I am constantly being complimented on my ‘toning up’. Ian has also encouraged me in my home training, understanding the difficulties with two small children and giving me short workouts that I can do more than once if time.

He has also supported me through a back injury and rehabilitation in record time to the amazement of my physio. I have gained a workout enjoyment that will continue for the rest of my life and no longer feel like my body ‘will never be the same again’! after having children. A truly inspirational and supportive trainer!!

Jayne, aged 26

I have known Ian for 18 months and he’s one of the most driven individuals I have ever met.

Ian is completely focused on you as an individual and really works hard at understanding your needs. He is dedicated, enthusiastic, committed and his knowledge of training, personal fitness/body and diet is second to none.

Each session is different and more importantly fun! And you find you want to work hard and push your body and mind.

Ian, thanks for inspiring me!