Ian Brown

Fitness has always been a huge part of my life from football and general sports to more specialised sports such as boxing and a short spell motorbike racing. Having spent over 10 years in the fire service and then pursuing a career as drugs and alcohol counsellor, fitness and general wellbeing served not only to the physical aspect but also the more positive and recognised impact fitness has on the psychological health within an individuals life. having two sons I recognise how time is a precious commodity and how we all struggle to find appropriate time to exercise. My ethos is to make exercise fun, set realistic goals and maintain the balance of proven training methods as well as have time to enjoy life.

Services, products and training offered

All my programmes are uniquely originated for each client, from the initial consultation we will together understand how best to achieve each individuals goals, from weight loss, to weight increase, to increase confidence or get for fit a specific reason or general fitness, my style of approach is different than most as my experience within both the public and private sector has been invaluable as the training I received was outstanding and gives me a good understanding of how to produce the best results both physical and psychological.

I work with all genders and all ages, all with different requirements and have experience working with a varying amount of physical conditions, so you can rest assured whilst your working with me I will have your best interests at heart and will provide your GP referral if needed.

Diet is a massive issue nowadays and we live in what the government call a toxic food revolution, meaning we consume more without using up the energy within the food we eat leading to weight increase and more often than not feeling of tiredness and lack of motivation. My objective is to educate my clients on what is a good clean diet and the value of specific foods and sufficient hydration. Diet should not mean being hungry and starving ourselves as this type of dieting simply reduces weight and ultimately we put the weight on again. I will guide you through and highlight what we can, should and need to eat and proper times to eat with an easy to follow plan that will give you the results you desire.

I work with families who wish to have someone to educate them all within their family setting to encourage what is a healthy lifestyle and how to get good and fun exercise that all the family can join in without the expense of going to a gym, a big percentage of my clients prefer home education and training without the cost and uncomfortable feeling a gym environment sometimes induce.

My range of skills and experience allow me to work with all clients both young and old, I have had the pleasure of working with youngsters with ADHD, Autism, Down Syndrome and of the more mature age with conditions such as post stroke or heart attacks, fibromyalgia and problems of the joints and back to name a few.

My areas of expertise I believe are giving a client a voice that allows them to express themselves without fear of being judged, once trust has been established working out becomes as important as talking through their everyday challenges……….. through boxing pad work, sparring, running, lifting weights, skipping, core work, diet plans, all can and will be achieved.